Atlas Globe 18th century (reproduction)

Atlas Globe 18th century (reproduction) from AM.
LOUPE available.
Relative dimensions of the object compared to a person of 1,70m (67"). Small objects are on a table.

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Brand: AM       ( Ref: GL051 )

Overall height: 22 inch  (56 cm)
Overall width: 10 inch  (25.5 cm)
Weight: 7.5 kg  (16.5 lb)

Base: granite / aluminium (patinated aluminium in antique style)
Rings: brass bronze chrome-plated

Atlas was one of the legendary Titans battling Zeus.
After his defeat, he was condemned to stand at the western edge of Gaia, the Earth and hold up on his shoulders Ouranos, the celestial sphere till the end of the world.

The Atlas of this very beautiful and heavy armillary sphere supports here the whole universe, or at least the known Renaissance universe.

In all aspects ethereal, myth combined with science, fable with historic fact.
An armillary sphere is a representation of the antique concept of celestial sphere or orbs, invented by greek philosophers.
The Firmament was assimilated to a sphere centered on Earth. During Antiquity and the Middle Ages, the stars were considered as equidistant from the center and an armillary sphere was assumed to be an exact representation of the universe. Even if now know that this model is wrong, it remains a very practical abstraction for the astronomy of position.

The exterior parts of this machine are a compages of rings and axes, which represent the principal circles of the heavens:
 the polar axis
 an horizontal disc representing the horizon of the place
 particular parallels as the equator, the 2 polar circles and the 2 tropics
 the ecliptic, apparent way of the Sun in the sky

The Earth is represented by a ball placed in its center on the polar axis.

These machines were used as teaching tools and, for the largest of them, as observation instruments, in particular by Ptolemaeus.

The paintings of the scientists and the notables of the Renaissance often show them with a hand on an armillary sphere which represented the top of knowledge and wisdom.
About spheres and calendars published in 1804

About spheres and calendars from D.F. de Rivard (1804, in french), explaining the use of an armillary sphere can be consulted on-line (google-scan) here or downloaded here.

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Its focus is to create a comprehensive collection of historical objects and fine art reproductions in museum quality.
AM proposes reproductions that appeal to a need for nostalgia, intrigue, and beauty.

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Base: granite / aluminium
Meridian: brass bronze chrome-plated
Atlas was one of the legendary Titans battling Zeus.
After his defeat, he was condemned to stand at the western edge of Gaia, ...
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